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One Midi Track/Keyboard (Host) to Multiple other midi tracks

Topics: Feature Request, Newbie
May 26 at 2:13 AM
I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find an existing (commercial is OK) MIDI plugin that would take midi events of one channel (recorded or directly from keyboard) and forward it to one or more other midi channels. It is OK to assume that all the channels will share the same VST instrument. If I missed the obvious please suggest. Meanwhile, I looked at this library and it sounds very interesting. It might be possible to do what I am thinking of, but not sure.
I am new to this whole concept (VST Wrapper) and to VST SDK itself and have following questions (this is what I would need from inside of the processor function):
  1. Do the plugin I write will know what MIDI channel it is sitting on?
  2. Assuming plugin is on channel 1, how can I forward all events to channel 2, 3, 4, 5? I plan to record to the channel 1 expression events and/or unison parts..
  3. Is MidiNoteMapper sample a good start?
Thank you in advance,
Aug 16 at 3:17 PM
If you mean a track inside the DAW with what you call channel, than it is not possible to do that with a VST plugin. A VST plugin is unaware of its place /context inside the DAW. If you mean MIDI channel with what you call channel, then it is very simple and MidiNoteMapper would be a good starting point.