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VST Host Sample not behaving as expecting

Topics: Audio, Host Compatibility, Host Development, Host Processing, Plugin Development
Jun 15 at 3:25 PM
I have developed a plugin that works fine in the vsthost application by H Seib and it functions as i want, but when I use the host sample to create a host the plugin loads fine, and parameters are set (Automated) by the host, however the Process() sub never is called.

I am NOT calling the ProcessReplacing sub from the host, as in my scenario that is not required, the audio stream for the plugin is generated within the plugin (it's a tone generator), and subsequent effect vst plugins are called from within the plugin to modify the sounds, which is output to an audio stream.

In the vsthost app by H Seib, the plugin is loaded, and the process() sub is called repeatedly. How does this take place? is there a timer of sorts to do that? Why is the process sub never being called? Do I HAVE to use the processreplacing sub from within the host, and if so, why does it work perfectly in vsthost app?

Aug 16 at 3:14 PM
The Host sample is not intended as a working host like the vsthost of Hermann.
Its purpose is to demonstrate the way to use the VST.NET Host API.
The Host sample does not check whether to call process, or processReplacing - it is very simple.