VST Host Sample not behaving as expecting

Topics: Audio, Host Compatibility, Host Development, Host Processing, Plugin Development
Jun 15 at 2:25 PM
I have developed a plugin that works fine in the vsthost application by H Seib and it functions as i want, but when I use the vst.net host sample to create a host the plugin loads fine, and parameters are set (Automated) by the host, however the Process() sub never is called.

I am NOT calling the ProcessReplacing sub from the host, as in my scenario that is not required, the audio stream for the plugin is generated within the plugin (it's a tone generator), and subsequent effect vst plugins are called from within the plugin to modify the sounds, which is output to an audio stream.

In the vsthost app by H Seib, the plugin is loaded, and the process() sub is called repeatedly. How does this take place? is there a timer of sorts to do that? Why is the process sub never being called? Do I HAVE to use the processreplacing sub from within the host, and if so, why does it work perfectly in vsthost app?