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Plugin failed to load

first post: MariusR wrote: Hello, i'm sorry that i'm asking so many questions but i just stu...

latest post: MariusR wrote: Sry for not posting in quite a while. I didn't had much time to wor...

ProcessReplacing, number of channels?

first post: YuryK wrote: I've had a hard time figuring out how many channels I should put in...

latest post: obiwanjacobi wrote: Some hosts (FL I think) break up the BlockSize buffers to allow for...

Problem to load plugin into CUbase 5

first post: Atentat31 wrote: Hi Guys, I have an issue to load the Delay sample Plugin into Cu...

latest post: obiwanjacobi wrote: Excellent. Now you can start to change things. Try to change one th...

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