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Do we need VST 3.x support?
Join the discussion: http://vstnet.codeplex.com/discussions/401815

Announcement: Modular audio engine with VST.NET

first post: tebjan wrote: I thought i also post this here: Ready for xmas there is a preview ...

latest post: obiwanjacobi wrote: That is wonderful to hear.

Using a neuroheadset to work with VST.NET

first post: gzen wrote: Hey people As some of you already know, we are working on a proje...

latest post: YuryK wrote: Down the line you'll need to translate values from one range to ano...

Internal Compiler Error when using compiled DLLs.

first post: BobBobson108 wrote: Hello, I'm trying to integrate VST effects into Unity3D, but I keep...

latest post: BobBobson108 wrote: That was extremely helpful, thank you! I discovered the error was M...

Add knobs/pots to a VST

first post: robcheese wrote: I've been looking around for a third party WinForms GUI control to ...

latest post: robcheese wrote: So right after posting this I came across this: http://www.codeproj...

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