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Do we need VST 3.x support?
Join the discussion: http://vstnet.codeplex.com/discussions/401815

Does this work on OSX and Linux?

first post: mviljamaa wrote: Does VST.NET support OSX and Linux? Do the plug-ins developed run ...

latest post: obiwanjacobi wrote: No, the current version of VST.NET is Windows only. This has to do ...

Skinnable Control Library

first post: Kruddler wrote: I'm guessing that many Vst developers out there would have come acr...

latest post: Kruddler wrote: Awesome! I'll put together a proposal and send it to you soon.

How can i use VB.NET (Jacobi) .dll within VB6 Environment?

first post: TheRealNewbie wrote: Hello,i am a Newbie in programming languages like c#, c++, ...

latest post: TheRealNewbie wrote: @obiwanjacobi Thank you very much for your reply. Now i have VS20...

Can I use VST.NET with .Net 4.0

first post: robcheese wrote: Is it possible to get a VST.NET application running with .NET 4.0? ...

latest post: robcheese wrote: Ah good to know. All my dependencies are managed assemblies right n...

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