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Accepting Keys in WPF


Keys are not coming through to the plugin window.

The problem was that the window style was set to WS_CHILD. I don't know why, but this was causing the issue. Once I removed this, the problem went away.

Obiwan, I got this code from WpfControlWrapper in the project Jacobi.Vst.Samples.CorePlugin. I'd suggest that this might be wrong and causing the same issue if other people use this code. I hadn't changed the code, but you can see it here:
        public void Open(IntPtr hWnd)
            _instance = new T();
            _instance.Width = _width;
            _instance.Height = _height;

            HwndSourceParameters hwndParams = new HwndSourceParameters("VST.NET Wpf Editor");
            hwndParams.ParentWindow = hWnd;
            hwndParams.Height = _height;
            hwndParams.Width = _width;
            hwndParams.WindowStyle = 0x10000000|0x40000000; // WS_VISIBLE|WS_CHILD
            _hwndSource = new HwndSource(hwndParams);
            _hwndSource.RootVisual = _instance;
I actually removed the Windows Style WS_CHILD completely and now there is no issue! Yes! Another hurdle jumped over.