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Simple MIDI VST Host Example

Topics: Host Development
Oct 14, 2012 at 11:03 PM

1.  Is there a pre-build binary out there that will accept midi input, dump it into a VSTi and pipe the resulting audio to an audio interface?  

2.  Is there a code example of this? 

I've been playing around with Bass.Net's MIDI and VST hosting implementation recently.  I have a few open question on their forums as I've not been able to achieve low latency processing.  In the meantime, I downloaded vstnet and naudio.  I've been unable to get Jacobi.Vst sample projects to compile.  The closest solution I can find is MidiVstTest located here  This project does not produce speaker output but it looks very close to complete.  I've tried running it on a couple machines with midi devices and different audio interfaces.  Any tips/suggestions are very appreciated.

Nov 6, 2012 at 10:16 AM

Oops I missed this one, sorry.

1) I use vsthost.exe by Hermann Seib. You can also try his SavyHost that hosts only one plugin at the time.

2) Not that I know of. I know there are a few Host developers that use VST.NET but I dont know about a complete source code example. Hermann's vsthost has an open source (of an older version) in C++. 

I recently tried to setup an example using some open source library but it is a lot of work and I was not doing a good job to get everything to work together. Scan through this discussion list and you'll find some (references to) code samples for hosts.

We should be able to get the samples running, if you post more details on your compile problems.